Click Inceptor Micro Integrated LED Downlights

The new Scholmore CLICK Inceptor Micro is a neat downlight that comes with two bezels, one is for using the fitting as an adjustable downlight, and the other for use as a fixed downlight. The low profile means that the fitting will fit in a ceiling void as little as 50mm.

It also comes with the click FLOW connector pre-wired, fitting these has got to be really easy!


Low profile ceiling lights now available….

Websparky now stock the Scholmore Inceptor Micro range of low profile LED ceiling lights.
The Click Inceptor Micro is a range of ultra compact integrated LED down lights which can be used in ceiling voids as small as 50mm. These lights are fire & acoustic rated and come with both adjustable and fixed bezels. There is a choice of 3 finishes – white, chrome, and satin chrome. There is also a choice of colour, Warm white or Cool white, (2700K/4000K) and dimmable or non-dimmable units.

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The Click Micro LED down lights have a 30,000 hour lamp life and fire rated at 30, 60 & 90 Minutes. Click offer a 7 year extended domestic warranty once the units have been registered. The Inceptor Micro’s come with integrated flow connector for quick and convenient wiring . IP rating dependant on bezel (fixed bezel – IP44 / adjustable bezel – IP20).

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 55 x 87 x 87
  • Cut Out Size (mm): 65-75mm
  • Lamp Included: Yes
  • Lamp Type: Integrated 7.5W LED
  • Transformer Required: No
  • Flow Connector for quick and convenient wiring
  • Compact, Integrated Driver
  • 35° Beam angle with a neat and even spread of light
  • Option of fixed or adjustable bezel supplied as standard
  • FlameGuard technology for maintained protection in 30, 60 and 90 minute Fire-Rated ceilings
  • 7 Years guaranteed (domestic installations only)
  • Part L compliant
  • Flexibility to switch between bezels if requirements change


Home automation is here

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through smartphone and tablet connectivity. At WebSparky we have a wide range of stock of the LightwaveRF controls, all designed to enhance your life with use of mood settings or remote controls. All our LightwaveRF products are competitively priced whilst providing you with a quality product that comes with a 1 year guarantee. We also stock the Click INELS Wireless Range which offers simple and flexible installation with no additional cables or wall cutting needed. Flexible positioning makes RF Control ideal for installation within existing or newly constructed buildings.

With RF Control, you can move switches freely and re-locate when required.
Switches can be mounted on glass, wood or walls etc.
• Transmitters are powered by battery and so do not require any wiring or additional power supply.
• Input transmitter converts up to 4 pushbutton switches – enabling existing devices to be connected.
• Operates on 868MHz frequency band which provides robust communications.

Farho Heaters – low energy heater

Finally a heating system that’s more than hot air.

Farho is a European designed low energy consumption heating system. It uses radiant heat, like the sun, to heat you and your family naturally. The radiator design and patented thermo-fluid provides precise room temperatures with the reassurance of low electricity consumption.

Natural Heat Farho radiators achieve excellent performance with optimum electricity consumption by using a combination of radiant and natural convection heating methods. Radiant heat is multi-directional and functions by warming surfaces and objects in a similar way to the sun.

Radiant heat delivers a natural, efficient and healthy form of heating and allows objects the ability to hold their heat for long periods. Natural convection spreads out warmth into the atmosphere or a room, the warm air rises and cooler, more dense air drops and replaces the warm air, this means Farho heaters can get up to temperature and operate efficiently in a short period of time.

Websparky stocks a comprehensive range of Heaters from Farho – you will find them in the Heating Section